Little Bustard

What lengths will some guys go to?

In the bird world there are many “show offs”, birds of paradise come to mind, closer to home male black grouse and other game birds have their annual ritual to snare the hottest “chick”, no pun intended. So it is not surprising to also see in the latin world (Spain in this case), there is also a little macho action out there in the field.

Little Bustard_13

The Little Bustard (Tetrax tetrax) is a large member of the bustard family, breeding in southern Europe and in western and central Asia. Southernmost European birds are mainly resident, but other populations migrate further south in winter. The central European population once breeding in the grassland of Hungary went extinct several decades ago, unfortunately this has been the case for several other parts of Europe.

Like other bustards, the male Little Bustard has a flamboyant display with foot stamping and leaping in the air.



2 responses to “Little Bustard

  1. Typical male showmanship! Anything to get the attention of the females! Nice photography again Mark! Looking forward to many more!

  2. nice job again

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