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Sweden – Skåne – Falsterbo

Somewhere a little closer to home for my second blog on “hotspots”, Falsterbo peninsula, Skåne, Southern Sweden.

Falsterbo peninsula is located at the south-western tip of Sweden in Vellinge Municipality in Skåne County. Falsterbo is mostly known as a holiday destination where people go to spend their summer vacations, however the peninsula is also one of the best, if not the best bird migration routes in northern Europe.

Falsterbo 3

Fasterbo Lighthouse – Winter 2013

Every autumn about 500 million birds migrate across Denmark and southern Sweden, mainly towards the south-west, but this is obviously dependant on the wind direction. On good days you may see hundreds of thousands of birds passing. I am lucky that if there are strong westerly winds, the birds will often get blown off course and migrate over my house in eastern Denmark. I have had the pleasure of watching large flocks of Common Cranes and Honey Buzzards flying over in the last few years during this autumn passage.

Common Kestrel

Common Kestrel – Falsterbo, Skåne, Sweden

The birds tend to follow the south and west coastline of Sweden and the Baltic Sea is the first major hurdle the birds have to cross on their southwards migration route, and hence Falsterbo is the last strip of land before the journey over the sea to northern Germany. By gaining altitude the birds try to complete this part of their precarious journey as fast, safe and efficient as possible. Migrating birds do not fly over unknown or perilous areas unless they have to.

Falsterbo 2

Fasterbo Peninsula – Winter 2013

Birders and photographers from wide-and-far come to enjoy the natural phenomenon, but the highly is clearly the migration of the raptors. Great numbers of Honey Buzzards are one of the earlier mass migrating raptors, followed by Eurasian Hobby and Osprey. Harriers migrate in different patterns, with Montague’s usually being the first to leave the northern breeding areas, these are followed by Marsh and then Pallid and Hen (Northern) Harriers. Later during autumn, Common Buzzards and Eurasian Sparrowhawk make up the bulk of migrating raptors. Peregrine Falcon, Common Kestrel and Merlin tend to migrate over a longer period. During the final moments of autumn and the onset of early winter, the “big guys” start to move, with more Red Kites, Golden Eagles and White-tailed Eagles on the move. There are also often throughout the whole migration period a few surprises, including such delights as; Booted Eagle, Greater and Lessor Spotted Eagles, Black Kites, Imperial Eagle, and on very rare occasions a vulture!

There are many more species to mention, but I will leave the passerines and waders for another day and another blog.

Falsterbo 1

Fasterbo Peninsula – Winter 2013

If you would like to know more about Falsterbo and especially birding of photographing here and in the surrounding area then click on the following link: